What is a8ejoomla ?

a8e is a w3c compliant, open source, content management framework.

Initially, a8ejoomla is bundled in three flavors, each specifically developed and designed towards a targeted niche.

  • a8e-blog: a8e bundled with mojoBlog (wordpress-like blog for joomla)
  • a8e-wiki: a8e bundled with mojoWiki (Wiki for joomla)
  • a8e-dev: a8e bundled with mojoSef and mojoDev admin tools (developers CM Framework)

Feature outlines of each bundle is published in FAQ's and Documentation with tutorials and Wiki sections respectively.

Latest updates

a8ejoomla 1.0.14 is the latest, stable version however, there is a newer release (1.0.15) which may offer more features and better security.
Compatible with Joomla 1.x
Author: a8ejoomla dev. team
License: GNU/GPL